WiseWire In-Ground Copper Pet and Dog Fence Wire Kit (20g 500ft)




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WiseWire In-Ground Copper Pet and Dog Fence Wire Kit (20g 500ft). WiseWire AWG is equal to copper in signal performance for dog fences or other pet containment systems. It simply outperforms copper wire in strength, reliability, and durability at a lower cost. WiseWire AWG is higher in break load, minimizing damage during installation and while in service. Designed to embody the flexibility and memory of copper with a slightly stiffer feel. For use in opentrench and plow-in installation. WiseWire AWG provides excellent corrosion resistance and superior strength for unmatched tensile, side impact loads, and flex fatigue. RoHS compliant and works with connectors you already use. WiseWire AWG is eco-friendly. Protecting the Earth and going green is an important factor. All materials that go into this product are fully recyclable to avoid ending up in landfills Kit includes wire (500ft or 1000ft), Splices and Boundary Flags