Urban Chicken 7 Piece Accessory Kit




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Urban Chicken 7 Piece Accessory Kit. Calling all urban chicken farmers. Here is a chicken accessory kit filled with 7 items that help with urban chicken farming. 1 Heavy duty Bag Clip with strong gripping power. The large 7″ opening allows for extra large bags. Securely closes feed bags, treat bags; anything that can spill. Helps keep feed fresh longer and helps to prevent spills. 1 Chicken Feeder or Waterer has a reversible base. Use one side for food and the other side for water. 1 Egg Collection Pail made of lightweight plastic and holds up to 2 doz. eggs. Fold down handle and 64 oz. capacity. 1 High quality Chicken Dust Bath. Helps keep chickens feathers clean and healthy. Chickens love to roll and fluff in this ultra fine powder bath. Keep chickens healthy and happy. 5.5 lb jar with screw top lid. WARNING: Chicken Dust should not be used with baby chicks. 1 Chicken Toy is a treat ball for chicken. Simply pull the sides of the ball apart and fill with your favorite chicken treats. 1 Quality Bottle Cleaning Brush keeps bottles clean and algae free. 1 Plastic Egg Carton, holds a dozen eggs for easy collection and storage. Feed and eggs sold separately Chicken Dust Bath; Chickens use soil/dust to clean their feathers. Natural dust from the USA, ideal if your chicken pen doesnt have dry soil available, contains no pesticides or additives. Provide a low sided box that is easy for them to climb into or dig a shallow hole, it should be approximate 2 x 2 foot square and about 2-3 inches deep. Put 2-3 inches dust into the hole or box. WARNING: CHICKEN DUST SHOULD NOT BE USED WITH BABY CHICKS. Chicken Toy; Pull the chicken toy apart and fill with cracked corn, chicken feed, dried meal worms etc. Place on the ground, your chickens will have fun chasing around the yard as the food falls through the holes on each end Feeder or Waterer; Base has two sides, select food or water side, fill jar, using base like a jar lid, screw the appropriate side on to top of the jar. Quickly turn over and place on ground. If you have baby chicks you should fill base of water side with marbles or rocks to prevent them from falling into the water. Hand wash jar and base with warm soapy water and rinse, not dishwasher safe. Shatter proof jar made of BPA free plastic Bottle Cleaning Brush; Use the brush to reach the bottom of the feeder/water jars and give your jars an occasional scrub Egg Collection Accessories; Bucket can be used to carry fresh greens to your chickens and gather eggs for the trip back to the house. Hand wash with warm soapy water and rinse. Egg Carton; Holds one dozen large to extra large chicken eggs, dishwasher safe top rack, no heat