Unipaws Tortoise House Terrariums with Tray Reptile Carpet Food Bowls (Large)


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Unipaws Tortoise House Terrariums with Tray Reptile Carpet Food Bowls (Large). PRIVACY SAFE: Solid wood-sided design adds privacy and makes your tortoise feels safe and secure. Made out of 100% Chinese fir wood. No pine, spruce or cedar. It is safe for your tortoise. INDOOR AND OUTDOOR USE: Features a tray on the bottom. No worry about the soil substrate from leaking out the bottom and keep moisture off the flooring. Also, we built the tortoise house with anti-Corrosion and moisture Proof oil paint. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Also, it is easy to clean with the tray. BOUNS: Come with a reptile carpet and two pet bowls. Natural coconut fiber material reptile carpet is absorbent, breathable and super comfortable for your pet to lay down and rest. And two pet bowls for you to feed your tortoises. DENSE WIRE LID HANDLE DESIGN: More dense wire top, suitable for small animals, such as tortoise, lizards, geckos, and snakes. Also, the top doors latch as well making sure your buddy stays safe! Additionally, it comes with handles, which makes it very portable when needed. TWO ROOMS DESIGN: We built the tortoise box in hiding box and basking area with metal grating. It’s the perfect combo of being able to have a safe corner to hide/sleep and to come out to get sun/heat. Moreover, you could slide up the removable wall to have two rooms together and leave more free roaming space for your little guys.