Truefitt & Hill Hair Management Styling Paste 3.3 oz. (Curl Enhancers)


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Truefitt & Hill Hair Management Styling Paste 3.3 oz. (Curl Enhancers). If you are tired of hair products that lose their hold after a couple of hours or that create a hard shell on your head, you might want to try the Hair Management Styling Paste from Truefitt & Hill. Styling paste is generally thicker than hair gel or hair pomade. To use, warm a small amount in your hands to make the paste easier to distribute before applying to either dry or damp hair. It works best on short to medium-length hair, and styles that are textured or spiky. As it cools, it will become harder, allowing your hairstyle to stay in place. From a company that specializes in mens hair styling products, this styling paste provides moderate hold and light shine that keeps your style intact all day. Your hair stays soft and natural-looking while maintaining your look. Styling paste is usually water-based, so you can wash it out at the end of the day to prevent sticky build-up.