TRIXIE Rolanda Cat Tree (Rolanda Cat Tree)


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TRIXIE Rolanda Cat Tree (Rolanda Cat Tree). Our sisal wrapped posts provide cats with a healthy outlet for their need to scratch, claw and climb. Perch atop one of the platforms to survey the kingdom and wait for unsuspecting pray to pass by. Later, crawl inside a plush lined condo for a nap. Brand: TRIXIE Pet Products Name: Rolanda Cat Tree Model: 44460 Color: Chocolate brown/white Materials: Plush, sisal, rope, MDF wood, elastic band Size: 18 inches x 20 inches x 51 inches Weight: 30 pounds Accessories: 1 condo, 1 peek-a-boo hole, 4 scratching posts 4 inches x 4 inches, top platform with extra padding and backrest, ladder, pom-pom toy, rope Assembly: Required. All hardware included.