TRIXIE Dog Bowl with Adjustable Stand (Elevated – Stainless Steel)


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TRIXIE Dog Bowl with Adjustable Stand (Elevated – Stainless Steel). Do you want to create a health-conscious environment at meal time for your dog? TRIXIE’s Dog Bowls with Adjustable Stand allows your dog to eat in a more natural standing position to aid with better digestion and improving overall health by reducing stress on his body. Simply raise and lower the bowls based on need and with a twist of a knob they’re locked into place. Also, because the height is adjustable the bowls will grow with your puppy. Order today and make the next mealtime more comfortable and enjoyable! 2 stainless steel bowls Hammer tone finished stand Adjustable height Allows two different bowl positions Also ideal for two dogs Correct posture supports proper digestion With bowl locking, rattle protection Height adjustable non- slip rubber feet Approximate Dimensions: bowls 9″ dia.; max. height 15″