TRIXIE Dog Bowl with Adjustable Stand (Elevated – Stainless Steel)


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TRIXIE Dog Bowl with Adjustable Stand (Elevated – Stainless Steel). Adjust these Trixie Pet Products dog bowls to match the size of your growing dog and give him a comfortable feeding routine. Letting your pet eat in a natural standing position may aid in digestion and help reduce stress. After you’ve raised or lowered these bowls, a twist of a knob locks them in place to ensure an uninterrupted mealtime. 2 stainless steel bowls H-shaped hammer tone finished stand Adjustable height Correct posture supports proper digestion With bowl locking, rattle protection Non- slip rubber feet Bowl sizes (diameter): small 6″; medium 8″; large 9″; XL 11″ Stand’s maximum height: small 11″; medium 6″; large 20″; XL 24″