Sela SE 001 Snare Cajon Kit with Cajon Method Book & CD


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Sela SE 001 Snare Cajon Kit with Cajon Method Book & CD. The Snare Cajon Kit from Sela is a fantastic sounding cajon at a very low price. You don’t need to be a gifted craftsman to build this cajon as the precisely made components make the assembly very easy. The instruction manual will guide you step-by-step through the building process. After the glue sets (around two to three hours) your great sounding cajon will be ready to be played. You will have an instrument that really does sound amazing especially for its low price. It will give you a warm bass with a slight resonance and a crisp snare sound. Snare Cajon Kit Features: Measurements: 18.5 in H x 11.8 in W x 11.8 in D Sela Snare System (removable snare, ability to add more snares) Attractive Playing Surface with Sela logo: Poplar veneer, 3 mm Resonance Body: 11 layers Birch, 15 mm Footing: Nonslip Rubber Feet Package Includes: All Materials Detailed Manual Cajon Method Book + Audio CD (With the Sela Cajon Method book, you can begin playing your first grooves on your own cajon within 10 minutes.) Tools and Materials included: With the Sela Snare Cajon Kit you can start building immediately. Everything is included in the box. You only need a cordless drill/driver. Cajon Method with CD: Enclosed with the kit is the Cajon Method Book with the accompanying CD. This will give you the ideal start. The CD features backing tracks you can play along to and the book will take you step-by-step through the beginning process of playing cajon.