Sela Professional Cajon Player Pack, Satin Nut


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Sela Professional Cajon Player Pack, Satin Nut. The Sela Cajon Professional Player Pack includes: CaSela Pro Satin Nut Sela Tac Tic (3in1 Multi-Percussion-Tool) Cajon Brush 250 Cajon Bag Black (Nylon bag, black) Cajon Pad Black (10.2 x 10.2) CaSela Pro Satin Nut: The CaSela Snare Cajon is a professional cajon which combines Sela’s many years of experience making cajons with highly modern production methods. This opens up entirely new visual and acoustic possibilities. The precisely finished components are “Made in Germany” and are of the highest quality. The pro version with snare on/off mechanism! Experience an endless variety of sounds – convenient and easy. Simply press the snare lever back for turning the snare sound on or off. The ergonomically optimal position of the lever enables a lightning-fast switching while playing. When the snare is deactivated you get a traditional Peruvian Cajon, with a fine response and conga-like sound. If you switch the snare on again, you get the typical Sela sound with a differentiated bass and snare sound. The sound of the snare can be attenuated or amplified according to your taste. Thanks to the Sela Snare System, it is also possible to use a second snare. Additionally the CaSela has individually adjustable clap corners, which provide unlimited sound possibilities. High comfort, optimal sound production The extra-strong body guarantees an optimal sound production. Rounded corners and the Sela Thin Splash veneered playing surface provide a relaxed and enjoyable playing feeling. Due to the construction, subsequent replacement of the playing surface is possible. Cajon Rucksack: Casual comfort on the go: The practical Sela cajon rucksack not only looks cool, with its features it is also the perfect companion for every cajon player. The durable water repellent outer material, the rubber bottom and the 6 mm thick padding provide optimal protection of your instrument. A lot of comfort is provided by padded adjustable backpack straps, a high-quality zipper and an extra strong carrying handle. In a separate additional compartment you can store your sheet music (up to A4 size) or accessories. The Sela Cajon Rucksack is suitable for most standard cajon sizes up to the dimensions 19.7″ x 11.8″ x 11.8″. Cajon Pad: The Sela Cajon Pad is perfect for all players who want a little more comfort on their instrument. The pad prevents slipping when the cajon is in a tilted position and provides perfect comfort, even during longer sessions. Sela Tac Tic (3-in-1 Multi-Percussion-Tool): The Sela Tac Tic is a 3in1 Multi-percussion-tool, which is a completely new combination of castanets, jingles and a shaker. It offers you unlimited sound possibilities. You can play it as an independent instrument in your hand or use it as an Add-On for your cajon or any other percussion instrument. Cajon Brush 250: Sela Cajon brushes are essential for all cajon players who want to get the full sound potential out of their instruments. Developed in close cooperation with our Sela artists, the brushes have an excellent practical suitability and are very versatile. The slightly higher weight of the Sela Cajon Brushes offers more punch and a more distinctive bass than comparable models from other manufacturers. The two adjustable rubber rings offer extremely nuanced adjustment possibilities, from an accentuated and bass-driven playing style to classic brush techniques, everything is possible. The nylon rods are soft at the bottom and harder in the direction of the handle. Depending on the angle of the impact there are endless sound variations.