Sachajuan – Volume Powder 2.54 Oz (Curl Enhancers)




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Sachajuan – Volume Powder 2.54 Oz (Curl Enhancers). Sachajuan Volume Powder is one of the best hair volumizing products today. Not only does this product reduce the appearance of oily hair, it also adds texture and lift to your locks to keep them looking lively and voluminous. Stop worrying about the look of your hair in between washes. With this powder spray, you can feel fresh, cleansed and grease-free without giving your hair a traditional wash. Now you don’t have to dry out your hair with excess washes or worry about your style falling flat throughout the week. This easy-to-use powder-based spray is lightweight and works well on both short and long hair types. It applies with a matte finish to add texture and to reduce excessive shine or oil at the roots. Using this product on dry hair, shake the bottle well and spray the powder onto the scalp at a 10 cm distance. Allow the powder to dry and remove any excess powder before styling as usual.