Premium Beef Split Trachea for Dogs 6″ Half – 10 Pack (10 Pack)

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Premium Beef Split Trachea for Dogs 6″ Half – 10 Pack (10 Pack). PREMIUM QUALITY: Our Product is Sourced from Grass Fed Cattle in South America ensuring the highest quality ingredients only. Each of our dog treats are chosen with care to provide the freshest and tastiest meats. We provide premium quality, mouthwatering taste, great texture, and protein packed treat. Only the best for your furry friend. AIDS IN DENTAL HYGIENE: Keep your pups teeth white and strong with our All Natural Premium Beef Trachea that promotes healthy eating habits for your dog. As your dog chows away on his tasty treat, it will stimulate jaw muscles which will assist in removing plaque and tartar from his mouth leaving him with healthy and clean teeth. A PROTEIN PACKED SNACK- These mouthwatering chewy treats are the perfect supplement to your poochs meal! Delicious as well as nutritious, it is a protein packed snack rich in nutrients and vitamins that is a vital addition to your dogs diet. It’s packed with Glucosamine and Chondroitin which is proven to aid in healthy joints. Its high in protein yet low in fat content makes these chews an ideal nutritious snack and a great energy booster. AN ALL NATURAL TREAT YOUR DOG WILL LOVE: Our tasty tracheas are single ingredient dog chews that are made of premium free-range, grass-fed beef. They are grain and gluten free treats, making them fully digestible and easy on the stomach. They are a healthy and flavorful snack and a smart alternative to chemically processed junk food that is found in other processed dog treats. Serve smart with HotSpots Delicious All Natural Beef Tracheas. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Hotspots Pets is a family owned business that sells healthy and tasty treats for dogs worldwide. We pride ourselves on providing top notch quality chews that will leave both pup and human satisfied with choosing us. Our customers’ satisfaction is our top priority so if for some reason you are unhappy with your product, contact us and we will make it right. It’s the Hotspot Promise!