PlexiDor Performance Pet Door XLarge Door Mount (XLarge, White, Door Mount)


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PlexiDor Performance Pet Door XLarge Door Mount (XLarge, White, Door Mount). Let your extra-large dog enjoy access to the outdoors and give him a taste of independence when you install this pet door. Thanks to its generous opening, this door allows Great Pyrenees, Great Danes, Irish Wolfhounds, and other large breeds to climb through without difficulty. The panels close quietly to prevent disturbing family members. A lock, key, and security plate permit you to close the door securely at night or when you are away from home. A sturdy aluminum frame and energy-efficient panels help prevent heat loss and drafts. Choose from a brown, silver, or white frame to complement your home’s overall style and exterior paint color. Features: Color: Brown, silver, white Features: Heavy-duty springs, steel security plate, lock, and key Brand: PlexiDor Model: PD DOOR XL Materials: Aluminum, acrylic Dimensions: 26.75 inches x 20.5 inches x 1.75 inches For dogs up to 220 pounds Care instructions: Clean with soft, damp cloth; do not use bleach or ammonia