Pets First Professional Grooming Nail File Grinder for Cats and Dogs – Nail File (Nail File)

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Pets First Professional Grooming Nail File Grinder for Cats and Dogs – Nail File (Nail File). Pets First Professional Grooming Tough Metal Nail File Grinder for Cats and Dogs With our Tough Metal SAFE Nail Trimmer you can Grind your pet’s nails with ease! Pet nail file will help groom your pet to perfection! Dogs or cats with long nails or claws will benefit from having their nails filed down easily and painlessly. Keep pets nails strong and healthy by filing them often. This professional grade PET nail file will help your dog or cat have filed nails all the time Keeping Your Pet’s Nails Healthy, Smooth and Looking Great! A good pet nail grinder is a good start, but the Pets First Nail filer is the SOLUTION! No need to visit the Pet Stores or the Vet! You can now be a Professional Pet Groomer while saving money on those expensive visits to the Pet Groomer! The Pets First Dog Nail Grinder will work just as good as the Professional Dog Nail Grinder your Pet will feel much more comfortable when you trim their paw nails than when the Clerk at the Pet Store or the Veterinary does it. Our Pet Nail Trimmer: Leaves Nails Smooth, with No Jagged Edges Simple to Use and Gentle on Nails Anti-Slip Handle for a Secure and Comfortable Grip Great Alternative for Sensitive Pets Who Are Fearful of Clippers and Loud Tools A simple solution to pet nail grooming, AFFORDABLE yet DURABLE EFFICIENT! Pets First we always have you in mind but even more so your pets! Pets are first! More Features: Use after nail trimming first trim pets nails and then file them for a neat, Groomed, healthy look. Trim and file nails regularly to ensure constantly smooth Groomed pet nails. Keep your pet looking his best as cat nail file will spruce up the appearance of your cat or dog Ideal for cats or dogs or any other long nailed pet. When claws grow too long and unruly, it lends itself to a messy looking pet. Eliminate messy looking paws with our pet nail file. Paw nail file will help groom cat nails, file dog nails and will not cause your pet any pain Leaves pets nails smooth and healthy pet nail file leaves dogs or cats nails looking smooth and healthy. Run nail file for pets back and forth along pets nails for Groomed pet claws. Removes extra length from pet nails and leaves them with shaped, neat, Groomed pet nails Lightweight, easy to carry keep your pet nail file wherever you go, or simply keep it where you put all your other pet nail supplies, but don’t let it clutter your life. We kept our nail file for pets small yet efficient so you have all the pet nail essentials and accessories Easily available yet clutter free Made of high quality Materials stainless steel nail file for pets with a smooth handle will make for a comfortable, Painless nail filing experience for you and your pet. Wont rust, snap or crack and will be relyable for years to come. We know how important pet’s nail health is to you, and we give you the tools to keep nails Groomed Pets First has established itself as the largest sports-licensed pet product company in the country. Pets First has gained its reputation in providing every pet owner with premium licensed pet products. Our factories follow the highest standards of safety guidelines to ensure your pet’s security, while providing a long lasting product. Purchase from an approved seller such as Amazon to avoid buying counterfeit products! Licensed Pet Products by Pets First. While we aim to supply accurate product information, it is sourced by manufacturers, suppliers and marketplace sellers, and has not been provided by Overstock.