Pet Teepee Portable Dog & Cat Bed with Cushion – Beige (Beige)

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Pet Teepee Portable Dog & Cat Bed with Cushion – Beige (Beige). Give your pet the perfect bed and sleeping quarter with this charming pet teepee/tent that is ideal for small dogs and cats. Offering a comfortable, cozy and luxurious place for your furry friends, this pet house comes with a super soft and plush two-sided pillow/bed for your animal. Plus, with tent-like fasteners on either side of the entryway, you can keep the doors opened or closed for your pet while still keeping an eye on them. The pet teepee offers a safe place for pets to hide and/or take a nap. If you’re a cat owner, you know all too well that cats love to sit and hide in boxes, closets, under cabinets, and any other hiding place they can slip themselves in to. And as far as small dogs and puppies go, well they can always appreciate a good pillow or dog bed. Easy to assemble with no tools required, this pet teepee comes ready to use. Plus, because it’s made from lightweight polyester linen, this piece is easy to pack up, store and travel with; making it easy to ensure your pet will be safe and secure anywhere you go. Spot clean and line dry. PRODUCT SPECS: Dimensions: 32″ H x 25″ L x 25″ D Weight: 3.5 lbs FEATURES/BENEFITS: PERFECT FOR SMALL DOGS & CATS – Whether you’re a fan of dogs, cats, or both, this pet tent and house is made with these little ones in mind. Perfect for small dogs and your average house cat, this pet teepee is ideal for pets up to 10-15 lbs. 2-SIDED PILLOW/BED – This luxurious little pet teepee includes a plush, two-sided pillow included with it; making sure your furry friend is comfortable, cozy, and warm while in its sleeping quarters. LIGHTWEIGHT & FOLDABLE – Made of lightweight yet durable polyester and wood, this teepee comes already assembled and is super easy to fold up and store when not in use; making it easy to travel with whenever and wherever you and your furry friend may go. EASY TO CLEAN – In case of an unfortunate accident, simply spot clean and line dry and your pet will be back in its blissful home.