Pawhut Heated Outdoor Cat House

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Pawhut Heated Outdoor Cat House. As the year grows cold and the temperature starts to drop, you may begin to worry about the outdoor felines that you see in your neighborhood. Outside cats may need help finding shelter during the cold winter months. While it’s true that cats have furry winter coats to help them deal with the weather, they still need a warm and dry shelter to escape the chill. Here at Pawhut, we’ve listened to your concerns and have created the ultimate solution for your worries with our line of outdoor heated cat houses. No matter how resourceful a cat may be, they’ll thank you for this meaningful contribution and you’ll feel better having made a positive difference in their life. Features: – Heated outdoor house keeps cats warm and sheltered when the weather takes a turn for the worse – Water-proof material is designed for use anywhere it is needed in any outdoor environment – Features two exits for safety so that your pet will not become trapped by predators – Heated pad includes a pearl wool cloth cover for additional warmth and comfort Specifications: – Overall Dimensions: 21.3″L x 15.0″W x 13.0″H – Heated Cushion Size: 15.7″L x 11.8″W – Window Size: 8.3″ – Net Weight: 4.4lbs, Power: 12V, 1.25A, Material: 6