P-Tex | Dog Crate Floor Protection Mat | Clear Polycarbonate | Size 35″ x 47″ (48 x 53)




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P-Tex | Dog Crate Floor Protection Mat | Clear Polycarbonate | Size 35″ x 47″ (48 x 53). Protect your flooring from scratches and spills with this floor protection mat from P-Tex. Made from clear polycarbonate, this mat will not dent or crack beneath the wear and tear of a dog crate. It has no odor to offend your pet’s sensitive nose. Stain resistant and easy to clean, this mat stands up to your fur friend’s little accidents. Polycarbonate is clear, lightweight, does not dent, crack or cup under chair wheels and has no odor – if your chair mat has these problems, it is not polycarbonate! Incredibly strong material – polycarbonate is also used in the manufacture of aircraft windscreens. Polycarbonate is clear and non-intrusive in office and home environments. Free from toxins including phthalates, tin, lead and cadmium, Floortex Polycarbonate has negligible gas emissions and no odor, which makes it a good choice for asthma and allergy sufferers. Polycarbonate is a rigid material which immediately lays flat on unpacking and will not curl, buckle or bend. Our most durable chair mat material, polycarbonate is virtually unbreakable in normal office use. Only Floortex Polycarbonate Mats are manufactured using 25% energy requirements from renewable sources and each mat is recyclable after use. The very best choice for big and tall users and 24 hour offices. A Floortex Polycarbonate chair mat will not bend or cup under chair wheels – it lays flat and stays flat! The Cleartex Megamat from Floortex is our sturdiest polycarbonate mat yet – tested to take weights up to 500lb. Floortex polycarbonate mats are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. With options for anti-slip, gripper and smooth back, XXL, color tinted and photo printed.