overstockArt Farbstudie Quadrate Hand Painted Glass Ornament


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overstockArt Farbstudie Quadrate Hand Painted Glass Ornament. This hand-painted glass ornament captures the intense beauty and masterful technique of the original Wassily Kandinsky oil painting, Farbstudie Quadrate. The art of decorating glass ornaments and bottles from the inside has been a Chinese tradition for centuries. This delicate process is unique and requires unprecedented levels of craftsmanship, talent, and experience. Today, we’ve made exquisite works of Wassily Kandinsky painting available to you through our selection of detailed and beautiful decorative ornaments. Each piece begins as a flawlessly clear, hand-blown glass bulb with an opening of less than 0.5. The artist then recreates one of the world’s finest works of art, from the inside, with care and precision. The finished works measure 3.5″ in diameter and feature a bronze patina fastener with an elegant verdigris satin hanger. A stylish and sophisticated addition to your holiday decor or Christmas tree. They can even be gracefully displayed on a stand for year-round enjoyment and admiration. *100% hand painted by an actual artist. No two will be identical so please expect to see slight variations. Although we take it for granted now, the simplistic style and geometric focus of Wassily Kandinsky’s Farbstudie Quadrate (Color Study of Squares) was quite avant-garde at the time of its origin in 1913. Russian painter and theorist Wassily Kandinsky is credited with painting one of the first recognized pieces of abstract artwork, with Farbstudie Quadrate forging his place as one of the earliest abstract painters of the 20th century. Also called Squares with Concentric Circles, this work is perhaps Kandinsky’s most well-known despite the fact that it was only intended to be an artistic study and exploration, not a planned piece of art. We’re happy to offer our Farbstudie Quadrate oil reproductions at a great price so you can bring this groundbreaking artist into your home or business. Frame Description: