Outdoor Wooden Bird Cage with 3 Resting Bars, Ladder, Waterproof Roof and Removable Tray, 2.9 Ft. x 2.1 Ft. x 5.8 Ft. (Bird Cages)


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Outdoor Wooden Bird Cage with 3 Resting Bars, Ladder, Waterproof Roof and Removable Tray, 2.9 Ft. x 2.1 Ft. x 5.8 Ft. (Bird Cages). Care for your feathered friends in style with this Wooden Bird Cage from Hanover. The future playhouse of your beloved birds includes three resting bars and ladder for playing, climbing or attaching toys to. The heavy duty mesh wire surrounding the exterior of the pen provides both protection from predators and a supply of fresh air to keep your pets happy and healthy. Designed with the health and safety of your animals in mind, this cage features wooden toggle closures on the large main door and smaller door, waterproof asphalt roof and sturdy, solid wood construction. The modern design can work indoors or out and comfortably houses up to five small birds. Cleaning is made easy thanks to the the slide out metal tray at the bottom of the cage and convenient access to the interior space through the large main door. With Hanover, youll be able to provide your animals a quality environment to thrive in. COMFORTABLE LIVING SPACE: Designed to comfortably house 1-5 small birds (parrot, parakeet, cockatiel, finch). Your birds will enjoy their cozy outdoor house to relax and play on one of the three resting bars or ladder. The horizontal bars are great to attach toys or for climbing. Perfect size to fit indoors or any backyard, patio, or lawn. EASY TO CLEAN SAFE: As far as cleaning goes, that’s made easy thanks to a built-in slide out tray (which collects droppings) and entry door which offers access to the house. Your feathered friends will enjoy fresh air and sunlight safely as the ventilated wire mesh protect against predators. STURDY DURABLE: Made with natural fir wood, strong wire mesh, and equipped with a waterproof roof as a protective layer against the elements. Ergonomically designed as a good quality house for your aviary birds that will provide a conducive living environment for your animals to keep them happy and healthy. ASSEMBLED PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 69.3″H x 35″W x 25.6″D (5.8′ x 2.9′ x 2.1′) CUSTOMER SERVICE : Hanover Customer Service is here to help! If you are in need of replacement parts, parts due to damage in transit, or have any questions, please feel free to contact us and our customer service team will respond within 24 hours to assist you. Outdoor Wooden Bird Cage includes 3 resting bars, ladder, waterproof roof and removable tray Both smaller and larger door have wooden toggle closures Cleaning is simple with convenient removable metal tray and easy entry into the covered space Heavy duty mesh enclosure provides excellent ventilation and protection from predators Resting bars and ladder are perfect to encourage play and hang toys from Durable, solid fir wood construction with cedar red finish Green asphalt roof is waterproof Can comfortably house up to 5 birds depending on animal size Assembled dimensions: 2.9 Ft. x 2.1 Ft. x 5.8 Ft. Made with non-toxic materials 1 year limited warranty