OMORC Electric Pet Nail Grinder Rotating Nail Trimmer Cordless Fast Cutting Clipper Paw Grooming Tool Dogs Cats


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OMORC Electric Pet Nail Grinder Rotating Nail Trimmer Cordless Fast Cutting Clipper Paw Grooming Tool Dogs Cats. FEATURE: 1. Versatile Grinding Wheels Ports: The pet nail grinder has 1 regular grinding wheel for small-sized and medium-sized pets and 1 innovative grinding wheel for big-sized pets, 4 types of protective grinding modes with the protective cap on as well as 2 fast grinding modes after removing the protective cap. There must be one mode suitable for your pets 2. High-speed Rotatory Wheels, Fast Grinding: The grinder wheel rotates 7500 circles per minute so that you can finish grinding quickly and pets can get freedom faster 3. Multiple Rechargeable Modes Battery: You can charge it with computers, power banks, car chargers when the battery runs out, which is highly convenient. 1 USB cable offered 4. Ultra-quiet Motor to Avoid Scaring Pets: Less than 55dB, OMORC pet nail grinder not only protects your pets from fear, anxiety and antipathy coming from loud noise, but also makes grinding easier 5. Appropriate for All Sizes of Pets: This grinder clipper is for small-sized birds, hamsters; medium-sized cats, rabbits; big-sized dogs and etc. As for pets overlong nails, you need to trim them before grinding to save your time Description: Durable Materials This cordless nail trimmer is made from powerful diamond bit and durable ABS material which is safer and more effective than the regular nail clipper to trim your pets’ nails. Easy to Use Only 4 steps to finish grinding safely and effectively: Step 1Get pets familiar with the working sounds to reduce fear and resistance Step 2Cut pets overlong nails with a nail clipper Step 3Use OMORC pet nail grinder to grind the sharp nails into blunt Step 4Reward pets with snacks to make them love grinding nails Note: 1. Dont use the adaptor whose output voltage5V to charge this pet nail grinder 2. Put your pets in a high place to make them well-behaved when grinding Specifications: Motor Operating Voltage: 2.4V Battery Type: 600mAh Ni-MH Charging Time: 4h Working Time: 4h Power: 5W USB Cable: 5V Package Contents: Pet Nail Grinder 1 USB Cable 1 Grinding Wheel 2 User Manual 1