Multi-level Cat Activity Tree Condo – Beige (66″ x 36″) (Beige)

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Multi-level Cat Activity Tree Condo – Beige (66″ x 36″) (Beige). Give your cat the purrrfect home with this luxurious multi-level cat condo tower! Boasting multiple areas for playtime and lounging, this cat furniture offers your feline friend a fabulous existence while you’re away at work! Made from durable materials that guarantee a stable and secure playground for your pet, this cat tree is also warm and cozy, making it a wonderful resting spot for the infamous cat-nap! This tall cat tree features a variety of interactive features and all the necessary elements to keep your cat in tip top shape and happy as can be. Covered in soft, faux fur and accented with grey linen and natural sisal rope, this artfully design cat condo is the perfect home for your feline friend. The faux fur lining of this luxurious kitty duplex is soft to the touch and provides an extra layer of plush support that’s easy on your cat’s coat and skin and a wonderful insulator in the cooler months, while grey linen surfaces give your cat a cooler place to escape to during those hot summer days. Various sisal rope covered posts give your cat something they can sink their claws into to mark their territory and help relieve their stress, potentially saving your brand-new couch and you from tearing out your hair. Featuring two flatbed platforms, one cat condo, one hanging bed, and one bridge, your cat will have their choice of places to hide, climb, and play in. PRODUCT SPECS: Dimensions: 66″ H x 36″ L x 18″ D Weight: 46 lbs. Instruction manual included Allen wrench included FEATURES/BENEFITS: MULTIPLE LEVELS – The multi-level design of this cat tree gives the cats in your life levels to climb and a high vantage point to survey the room and help them feel more confident and secure. INTERACTIVE DESIGN – Fun interactive elements keep your cat entertained, healthy, and happy and encourage play and relaxation. SOFT PLUSH FABRIC – Microfiber pile fabric is soft to the touch and extra gentle on your cat’s skin and coat. NATURAL SISAL ROPE – All-natural sisal rope encourages scratching and helps keep your furniture intact. STURDY BASE -Solid construction and base provides a stable and safe environment so your feline can play and lounge with confidence.