Modern Cat Tower Featuring with Fully Sisal Covering Scratching Posts (Walnut)




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Modern Cat Tower Featuring with Fully Sisal Covering Scratching Posts (Walnut). Once you put this cat tree in your house, your furry friends will lose themselves by its cute design, nice-looking and warm condos. Multiple levels provide enough space for cats to jump from one level to next and help them to explore the excitement of different height. 9 solid scratching posts are fully covered with natural sisal ropes that could withstand even toughest claws provide a perfect place to sharpen and trim their nails. Bilevel condos with soft cushioned mat offer enough room to have a nice sleep for more than one cats. The top layer looks like another multi-activity center with a space capsule nest for napping, spring balls for playing and 4 sisal posts for scratching. Whats more, the large transparent nest is detachable and can be replaced other beds your pet like. Satisfy your cat’s natural instincts in a safe way with this fantastic cat tree. With all those features, this luxurious sky castle is here for your cats to exercise, play and rest, and to keep your furry friends healthy and happy. Higher quality, higher pursuit 2-layer loft with cute holes provides a perfect hideaway while with the help of the step-like platforms, even your kitty can go up to the top hammock easily. The best part is the top transparent space capsule nest which is lightweight and modern, and you can see clearly when your cat napping in it. All those interactive and spring balls will attract your cats interest and provide the thrill when swatting or batting. 100% sisal covering posts satisfy cats nature of scratching. Made by thick and environmentally friendly CARB-certified natural particle boards with sturdy base, this cat tree provides ultimate stability for your feline friends’ safety. All pillars are wrapped with high-quality natural sisal, which is durable and wear-resistant and prevent cats from damaging furniture. Well-proportioned staircases keep the overall balance of this cat tree so that even an overactive cat will feel safe and relax when jumping or leaping to it. Crafted with a contemporary feel in natural wood grain, clean yet beautiful, reflecting the unique charm of modern pet home, this cat tree will be the one you want to show off. Combine with the removable washable mat on each platform not only provide the best protection for your kitten, but also for easy cleaning. Ultra-soft cushion is carefully put in every condo offering a warmer and cozier environment to play and sleep.