Modern Cat House / Loft with Scratching Post (Modern Cat House with Scratching Post)

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Modern Cat House / Loft with Scratching Post (Modern Cat House with Scratching Post). The On2 Pets Modern Modular Cat House/Loft w/ Scratching post is equipped with everything you need to spoil your kitties. This cozy and spacious cat House/loft is both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. Drawing inspiration from the needs and wants of all of your loving pet parents we’ve created a practical and beautifully designed cat house. The Grade A, locally and responsibly sourced plywood walls provide the necessary sturdiness and structure to ensure the security and safety of your cat. The modern and smart design of our new Cat Condo Box will pleasantly surprise you with its ease of use and simplicity. At On2 Pets we are continually seeking to improve and innovate our craft, that’s why your feedback and support are so important to us. Don’t forget that all of our products have our Manufacturer’s Guarantee which ensures your utter and complete satisfaction for 30 days. We also provide you with lifetime customer service and technical support if you were to experience any issues with our On2 Pets furniture. Product Features The On2 Pets Cat House/loft provides a cozy and cute habitat for your furry friends. Give your cats the loft they deserve. Sturdy and Solid construction with pet-safe materials you can trust to provide a safe and enticing environment that fosters activity and health for your cats. Replacements are available for the scratching posts as well as any other component of our modular cat box house. Made with love and care in the USA. At On2 pets, we utilize a combination of state of the art CNC machines and the skilled hand of local artisans to manufacture all of our products. Bring joy and activity to your indoor cats with the On2 Pets Cat House/Loft, this product is perfect for cats of all ages.