Midwest Ovation Dog Crate with Up and Away Door (37.25″ x 23″ x 25″)


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Midwest Ovation Dog Crate with Up and Away Door (37.25″ x 23″ x 25″). Secure your dog when you’re not at home or bring your pooch with you using this Midwest Ovation single-door pet crate. The Up and Away door saves space by sliding onto the top of the crate instead of opening outward, and the sturdy metal construction prevents your pup from chewing the bars. This large crate includes a slide-out bottom pan for convenient cleanup. Pet size: Small to large Latch: Patent-pending Up and Away latch system Pan included: Composite plastic pet pan Warranty: 1-year manufacturer’s warranty Easy to snap On/Off Plastic handles make it easy to transport the folded crate. Includes FREE Divider Panel. Cuts housebreaking time in half by keeping your puppy from eliminating in one end and sleeping in the Other. Allows you to adjust the Length of the living area as your puppy grows into his adult-size home. Brand: Midwest Color: Wire Care Instructions: Hand Wash When Necessary Materials: Metal Item 1924 dimensions: 25.50 inches x 17.50 inches x 19.50 inches Item 1930 dimensions: 31.25 inches x 19.25 inches x 21.50 inches Item 1936 dimensions: 37.25 inches x 23 inches x 25 inches Item 1942 dimensions: 43.75 inches x 28.25 inches x 30.50 inches Item 1948 dimensions: 49.00 inches x 31 inches x 32.25 inches