Metallic Oval Makeup Brush Set (10-Piece) (Rainbow)


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Metallic Oval Makeup Brush Set (10-Piece) (Rainbow). Foundation, Bronzing, Powder Setting Brushblush, Contour, Foundation, Bronzing, Powder Setting Brushcheek Contour, Foundation, Powder Setting, Eyeshadow, Concealer Brushlip, Eyeshadow, Concealer Brusheyeshadow, Eyeliner, Blush, Contour, Concealer Brusheyeshadow, Brow, Eyeliner, Concealer Brusheyeshadow, Brow, Eyeliner Brushlip, Eyeshadow, Concealer Brushlip, Eyeshadow, Brow, Concealer Brushpowder Setting, Eyeshadow, Concealer Brush Metallic Oval Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set (10-Piece)Oval-Shaped Brushes For Effortless Application Of Makeupoffer Seamless Blending And Help Create An Airbrushed Effectmade Of 100% Hypoallergenic, Synthetic, Ultra-Soft Bristlesinnovative, Soft Fiberstilted Handle For Easy Holdlightweight, Ergonomic Designdurable, Safe, And Vegan-Friendlycruelty Freesuitable For All Skin Typescare Instructionsmakeup Brushes Operate Ideally W