Merax Cat Tree Cat Tower with Sisal-Covered Scratching Posts, Spacious Condo, Large Perch – Gray (Gray)




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Merax Cat Tree Cat Tower with Sisal-Covered Scratching Posts, Spacious Condo, Large Perch – Gray (Gray). This modern cat tree is extra sturdy and particularly suitable for any home where energetic kittens roam around. On the top, a penthouse sofa provides the best spot to lie down and enjoy the outside scenery at the same time; the stylish and cozy cube-shaped condo is perfect to have a quiet and sweet sleep; when your adorable cats wake up from their snooze and are ready to play, the fluffy interactive ball hanging from the top perch will rouse and excite their desire of hunting. All feline-like climbing, jumping, and scratching, which are their favorites and essential to keep claws healthy. On this cat tree, your cats can freely sharpen their nails on the 2 sisal-covering posts and it feels good for kittens too. If your cats just want to relax and lounge, he/she can jump to the third platform which provides spacious room as well as pleasant napping and playing place. Features: Modern and Simple DesignSleek construction, stylish finishes, and clean appearance make this modern cat tree look great anywhere in your home. Only four layers but with all amenities you cats need include. Compared with a traditional cat tree, the condo and the platform of this cat tree is covered with grey wood grain instead of the carpet so that you can see its texture directly, also make it look more like real furniture rather than a cat playhouse Maximized StabilityA reinforced base made by CARB-certified natural particle boards covered with polyester not only to ensure the entire stability but also to prevent sliding and help protect the floor. 3 well-placed posts (dia.: 2.95in) support a large condo with a platform that allows bearing more than 150lbs (equal to the weight of an adult male), so it will not wobble or tip over even a large cat jump up to it Deluxe Activity CenterThis medium yet multi-functional cat tree provides a lot of climbing fun at a different height to satisfy your feline’s daily activities. Your cats will like to hide in the cozy condo to have a private sleep, scratch, and climb on the straight posts till to the top sofa perch to survey the whole castle and enjoy the bird watching. The third floor large platform is also a good spot to have a rest, do some stretching exercise, or play with the replaceable dangling ball Sisal-Covered Scratching PostsNatural sisal rope, which is scratchable and durable, fully wrapping on 2 strong scratching posts provide plenty of scratching zone to allow nail scratching and help keep claws healthy. Sisal-covered posts will give your cats a feeling like scratching on tree bark. So your cats will stop to ruin your furniture once you bring this cat tree home Specifications: Material: CARB-certified Board, Polyester, Sisal Rope Product Size: 26.0”L x 15.7″ W x 38.8″H Product Weight: 26.0lb Package Contents: 1 x Cat Tree, 1 x Manual