Kinpaw Outdoor Rabbit Hutch with Run, Bunny Cage Guinea Pig Pet House with Removable Tray (black1)


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Kinpaw Outdoor Rabbit Hutch with Run, Bunny Cage Guinea Pig Pet House with Removable Tray (black1). Provide a comfortable refuge for your energetic bunnies and guinea pigs with this Kinpaw outdoor rabbit hutch. Crafted from premium fir wood, this well-built cage features one house with a large run and breathable wire mesh, helping you monitor your small animals and protect them from accidents and unwanted predators. A waterproof fabric top shields this rabbit cage from the rain, and built-in lockable doors allow easy access to the interior. Droppings are conveniently simple to clean, thanks to the detachable bottom sliding tray. Features: Easy Access: You will easily be able to access any part of this bunny cage, as it is designed with built-in lockable door. A sliding door ramp also allows rabbits to easily enter the raised housing area. Durable Structure: There is no more worry about the safety of your animals with this tough cage. This sturdy animal shelter is constructed of a solid fir wood that will keep your animals safely sheltered and keep your cage durable for years of use. Easy Maintenance: The hutch provides a comfortable living environment for your animals requires regular maintenance of their living space. Weve made this small house easy to clean, as it is built with a removable bottom sliding tray for easy access to droppings. Capacious Space : Large as it is, the rabbit cage provides ample room for your poultry running and flying freely, creating a lovely home to keep your poultry safe, dry and warm. Wire Fencing: Our Wooden rabbit hutch is enclosed with a sturdy metal wire fencing to promote a healthy poultry lifestyle. It will also protect your animals from outside predators. Specifications: Material: Fir Wood Overall Dimensions: 60.14″ L x 17.86″ W x 37.9″ H