K-9 Kabin Doghouse (53″ XXL) (Cedar – Assembly Required)


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K-9 Kabin Doghouse (53″ XXL) (Cedar – Assembly Required). The 53″ XXL K-9 Kabin Doghouse is designed for large dogs, but ideal for various sizes, with plenty of inside space and better light air circulation than smaller doghouses. Reaching 53″ at the peak, with 39.5″ x 39.5″ interior dimensions there is plenty of room inside. Made from durable cedar wood, the K-9 Kabin wooden doghouse gives your canine friend comfortable protection from the elements. Optional door and window flaps screw in easily for additional insulation from cold temperatures and rain. The raised wooden floor provides an extra layer of protection from the cold or muddy ground. Heavy duty hardware ensures safety and longevity. This roomy doghouse, combined with an extra-large door and three windows makes this a comfortable resting place with great views and ventilation. Pre-assembled wooden panels make setup simple and quick so you can have a quality wooden doghouse in no time. Your dog will enjoy the K-9 Kabin doghouse for years to come. Features: * Make from durable Cedar wood * Panel construction for easy assembly * Spacious house for different-sized dogs * Large door for easy access of big dogs ventilation * Raised floor for insulation and cleanliness * Water-proof shingle roof * Side and front windows for better air circulation and view