Hotspot Pets 6-7 Inch Knotted Rawhide Bones for Dogs – 10 Pack (10 Pack)

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Hotspot Pets 6-7 Inch Knotted Rawhide Bones for Dogs – 10 Pack (10 Pack). Why Real Animal Parts? While treats are fun are an easy way to make our pets happy, they are often filled with unhealthy ingredients or preservatives. Rawhide bones and our other natural animal parts are a great way to fulfil their urge while providing numerous benefits! All our products are 100% hormone, antibiotic, preservative free and have a great natural taste that your pet will love! Rawhide Bone Benefits Dental Hygiene : Not only humans need to be careful about our tooth health, dogs are also at risk of gum disease and its associated negative health effects. Natural chews fight plaque, strengthen gums and reduce bad breath. According to medical research, rawhide chews can reduce plaque by as much as 70%! Behavior Modification: Dogs have a natural urge to chew which they sometimes take out on your belongings or furniture. Rawhide chews are a great way to stop their destructive behavior especially when teething. Healthy Chew Alternative: Our rawhide bones are are a great alternative to chews made from plastic or rubber. Bag comes with a 10 psc of 6-7 Inch rawhide chews. Premium Quality: Sourced from grass fed Brazilian cows which makes our rawhide long lasting and imbued with a true meaty flavor. Promotes Tooth Hygiene and Discourages Bad Behavior: Rawhide naturally cleans your dog’s teeth, strengthens gums, and clears their bad breath. It also prevents them from chewing on your furniture and belongings. This makes our chews great for teethers!