Helios Blizzard Full-bodied Adjustable and Reflective Dog Jacket (LG)


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Helios Blizzard Full-bodied Adjustable and Reflective Dog Jacket (LG). The helios blizzard full-bodied adjustable and 3m reflective dog jacket is meant to withstand the harshest weather conditions possible, whether you’re caught in a blizzard, typhoon, hurricane or rainstorm this is the premiere premium protective dog jacket of it’s kind. This outershell is double-waterproofed, windproof, breathable, tear proof and in addition features surrounded 3m reflective lining for emergency visibility. The interior features a thick layer of extremely high-quality warm-protective and thick anti-static fleece which is extremely breathable and offers a fantastic ventilation system. This dog jacket in addition features exclusively developed blackshark technology that is breathable, maintains warmth and is impermeable. Perfect for high-altitude mountaineering or any extreme activities. Features adjustable straps by every leg and features auto-adjustable built-in inner tubed lining. Additionally, this dog jacket features above-top zippers for dog placement and hook-and-loop enclosures that completely prevents any wind from entering while preventing any pulling of the dog’s hair. Features a leash slit above the neck area. This dog coat features accented embroidery and a print on the outershell. Get outdoors with helios dog. available in multiple colors and sizes. Sizing guide measured from back of neck to tail area: Extra small: 8 inches Small: 10 – 12 inches Medium: 14 – 16 inches Large: 18 – 20 inches Extra large: 22 – 24 inches Pet: Dog, Cat Type: Coat Click here to view our PPE Apparel Sizing Guide We cannot accept returns on this product.