Hair Cutting Cape Hairdresser Lightweight Apron Unisex Cloth – Black (Black)


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Hair Cutting Cape Hairdresser Lightweight Apron Unisex Cloth – Black (Black). Description: MANUFACTURED WITH DURABLE MATERIAL With premium material for durable and long-lasting use. The lovely pattern with comfortable texture will ensure its practicability and popularity in the hairdressing process. Our barber apron is designed with extra-long backs to make sure our users keep up clean, dry, and hair-free. Whether you lying back for shampoo or leaning forward for a haircut, we guarantee you it is a clean, comfortable, and elegant one. Ideal for hair cutting, washing, perming, hair dying, or creative hairstyle. Perfect for a barber, salon hairstylist, or home user who cut hair for their families. You can take this easily in your bag and go anywhere. This is one of the essential salon hair products. YOUR CLIENTS WILL BE FEEL COMFORTABLE This apron is one size fits all and feels super lightweight. It works to effectively shield customers from loose hairs or water during cuts, trims, styling, and shampooing. The salon apron is essential for hairstylists, barbers, and colorists. It works to effectively shield clients from loose hairs, water, and other products. When your clients are comfortable you can focus on your craft and deliver amazing results. Use the apron comprised of the cap to adjust the elasticity for neck closure. It is easy to adjust the tightness. This beautician apron can be tied around your neck and gives you overall protection, avoiding the burst or dye stain your beautiful dresses. Features: Color Black Unique design with high quality Lightweight and thin washable and easy to dry The neck closure makes it suitable for any size Suitable for hairdressing, hair dye, perm, and more