Green Med PacizRite Pet Anxiety & Stress Reliever (Capsule)




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Green Med PacizRite Pet Anxiety & Stress Reliever (Capsule). Welcome to the world of Green Med. Do you know that our furry babies can easily become stressed under many different circumstances: travel, strangers, and loud noise like fireworks or thunder. Unfortunately, it’s not unusual for pets to experience anxiety just like humans. A short-term reaction to a stressful or unfamiliar event is not uncommom. Maladaptive stress response, a chronic long-term anxiety or phobia, is a growing problem for pets. This fear-based conditions often takes the form of separation anxiety, storm, and noise phobia or aggression. Chronic stress can depress your pets’ immune system, and potentially shorten their lives. It can be difficult for any pet parent to watch their furry babies suffer from anxiety. But calming an anxious pet is not an easy task. PacizRite is a 100% natural herbal formula specifically designed for anxiety disorder. Our 100% natural blend of ancient Eastern & modern Western formula will help to: promote energy, relieve anxiety, anchoring mind, boost immune system with tumeric, strengthen & tonify energy, calm the spirit and relieve restlessness with Ginseng. Safety, quality and efficacy is our promise to our furry babies. Human standard ingredients with no preservatives or artificial flavors/colors. ACTIVE INGREDIENTS Astragalus Root: Boosts immune system, tonifies energy, and helps sedation Spine Date Seed: Calms you, reliefs restlessness, and helps you to fall asleep faster Ginseng: Tonifies energy, enhances stamina while soothing nerves Helps support the nervous system. Helps settle nerves and manage behavior issues. 100 % natural human standard herbal ingredients. 60 Veggie capsules, no artificial flavors or preservatives.