Green Med AllerRite Pet Allergy Reliever (Capsule)




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Green Med AllerRite Pet Allergy Reliever (Capsule). Welcome to the world of Green Med. Do you know that our furry babies itch for many reasons? You may think it’s because of fleas or ticks, but there is a good chance that it might be an allergy, a common cause of itching and scratching in pets. Both humans and pets can suffer inhalant allergies (atopy), a type of allegy caused by subtances commonly encountered in the environment, such as grasses, weeds, pollen, dust mites, and molds. Pets will develop skin problems such as: 1.Inflamed or itchy skin. 2. Salivary stains on the coat. 3. Coughing, Sneezing or Wheezing. 4. Infection. AllerRite is a 100% natural herbal formula specifically designed to help relieve allergic reaction symptoms. Safety, efficacy, and quality is our promise to our health-conscious furry babies. Human standard ingredients with no preservatives oir artificial flavors. ACTIVE INGREDIENTS Polygoni Multiflori Radix (Ho Shu Wu): Helps nourish and clean blood, relieves congestion and irritability. Sophorae Radix (Ku Shen): Helps relieve body heat, congestion, dampness and itchy skin. Schizonepeta Herbal (Jing Jie Sui): Helps relieve hives, itchy skin, suppresses allergy-related inflammation and dispels wind. Helps relieve allergic reaction. Helps relieve itching & scratching. Helps relieve skin condition and redness. 100 % natural human standard herbal ingredients. 60 Veggie capsules, no artificial flavors or preservatives.