Free & Clear Hair Styling Gel 7 Oz (Pack of 2) (Curl Enhancers)




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Free & Clear Hair Styling Gel 7 Oz (Pack of 2) (Curl Enhancers). Pharmaceutical Specialties Free and Clear hair Styling Gel is perfect for daily use. It helps repair and nourish damaged hair, reducing the formation of split ends. It controls static and helps reduce flakiness while adding fullness and volume without stickiness, leaving hair feeling manageable and clean. Specially formulated for sensitive scalp and skin. Those who are looking to avoid many of the chemical irritants found in ordinary skin care products Pharmaceutical Specialties skin care products are for you. Free of damaging ingredients like dyes, formaldehyde, parabens, and perfume. Those with even the most sensitive completion may use and enjoy Pharmaceutical Specialties products because these harmful ingredients are left out making each product superior in both value and effectiveness and made with only the highest quality ingredients.