Fluker’s Ultra-Deluxe Premium Heat Mat Mini 4x5in


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Fluker’s Ultra-Deluxe Premium Heat Mat Mini 4x5in. Reptiles and Amphibians are cold blooded, and they cannot self regulate their body temperature Flukers heat mats provide evenly distributed heat at a constant 100 degree temperature, which will help them regulate their core temperature. Flukers heat mats come in a variety of sizes with varying wattages This Product/Package Measures: 5.00 in. L x4.00 in W x1.00 in D. Fixtures do not include bulbs. Recommended forTanks And Habitates that are Not Fully Aquatic or full of water. For Saftey Reseasons Keep out of reach of children and materials as bulbs can become hot to touch. Uses with American electrical outlets for best results.