EVO Cassius Styling Clay 3.17 Oz (Curl Enhancers)




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EVO Cassius Styling Clay 3.17 Oz (Curl Enhancers). When you have thick or course hair, finding the right styling products can sometimes seem impossible. However, with a bit of EVO Cassius Styling Clay on your side, you can achieve any style you might desire on any given day ‘ and even change it up throughout the same day, if you want. Because the product uses clay ‘ a thick, firm nutrient ‘ as one of its main ingredients, you can always rely on the fact you’ll be getting a truly strong hold that’s great for even the unruliest hair. However, that doesn’t mean your hair will be glued together. This product is great for separating hair while keeping it pliable, so you can re-style throughout the day as needed. Furthermore, clay is filled with important nutrients that are perfect for nourishing hair of all types. Not only do products containing clay promote a natural-looking finish, but over time they can also build a healthy shine. This, paired with the excellent hold, is why clay is used in dozens of professional hair care products around the globe.