Evideco Striped Spa Wellness Body Wash Glove Beige Taupe




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Evideco Striped Spa Wellness Body Wash Glove Beige Taupe. Helps to rub the outermost surface of your skin and remove the dead skin cells. Soft and soothing cleaning you without damaging skin and Making your skin glow after a shower. Revitalize your body and mind by massaging away stress with this bath glove. Evideco spa wellness bath glove massages and freshens. Assure to wash the whole body easily. Double sided with elastic cuff to ensure secure fit, creating 360-degree for cleaning need. Made from linen and cotton. Dimensions: 9 L x 5.12 Inches. Imported from France, made in PRC. Striped beige/taupe colored to give a natural and easy blend with the rest of your bathroom decor, available also in striped taupe and cream. Body gloves are amazingly healthy because they also help with blood circulation. Complete your decoration with other products of the same Spa Wellness collection. We cannot accept returns on this product.