Ethical Pet Bambone Lucky Bone Chicken 7″


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Ethical Pet Bambone Lucky Bone Chicken 7″. Bam-Bones are the newest in durable long-lasting chew toys. Made with bamboo fibers that are a sustainable, renewable, natural resource, you will feel good giving your dog this chew toy! Long lasting and tastes great too, Bam-Bones will satisfy your dogs natural instinct to chew. A great new product at half the price of other similar items on the market. Trust Ethical pet to bring you the quality you want at a price you can afford. Try the Bam- Bones and Bam-Lucky bone Shaped chews today! Please Be sure to purchase to correct size to for your pets size and play/chewing ability. Supervise your pets when playing and chewing with any toys. Discard if your pet tears or damages them in any way. Toys should be rotated and changed frequently to try and prevent over playing and desctruction of toys.