ELEVATE – 3 LVL,BGE/BRW, CAT TREE W/CONDO,18x15x41″ – Beige (Beige)


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ELEVATE – 3 LVL,BGE/BRW, CAT TREE W/CONDO,18x15x41″ – Beige (Beige). Our all natural recyclable paper ropes scratcher and jute fabric perch has subtle neutral tones and modern design that are easy to fit in with your home. WHAT YOU NEED: If you have an active kitten that needs a place to play and relax, we have the answer with the newly designed cat tree with paper roped covered scratch post, an interactive playground specially made for your cat to have fun and consume its energy! QUALITY AND PROTECTIVE MATERIALS: The cat tree is composed with high quality particle board and natural jute fiber. The reinforced scratch posts are wrapped with our special paper rope instead of traditional sisal rope for skin-friendly. LOVELY DESIGN: This simple-design three level cat tree combines two platforms for relaxing and a condo for sleeping, all for the comfort of your kitten. All the mats are removable for easy clean. PROTECT YOUR HOME: Our cat tree is a great alternative for leaving your kitten alone without it damaging your furniture. Your lovely pet can scratch the paper rope post, play with the toy mouse and have fun while leaving your sofa and tiles free of scratches. DURABLE CONSTRAUCTION: The cat tree will look lovely in your home due to the nice design and combination of colors. At the same time, the high quality particle board ensures stability, while the combination of jute fiber and paper rope is a joy for your cat that gets to play with all these textures without hurting its nails and paws.