Dog & Cat Grooming Glove Brush (Pet Massage & Bathing Brush & Comb)


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Dog & Cat Grooming Glove Brush (Pet Massage & Bathing Brush & Comb). Includes: Two (2) Pet Grooming Glove Quick and Gentle Pet Grooming: Premium silicone tips effectively remove the loose fur, dust and dirt from your pet. The mesh on the back side of the brush allows it to breathe instead of getting your hands sweaty easily. Comfortable Massage: Our pet brush gloves with soft silicone tips provide comfy bathing and massage for your pets while promoting blood circulation. Keep your pets clean and healthy. Universal and Comfortable Fit: With adjustable strap, our deshadding brush ensures snug fit for various sized wrists without coming off easily. Flexible Operation: Ergonomic designed pet glove brush ensures grooming, bathing and massaging for your pets with ease. Easy to Clean and Wash: The silicone pad helps holding the loose fur so that you can neatly pull off the loose hair. 2-pack glove brushes with washable design stand with constant use. Type: Pet Grooming Glove Color: Blue Silicone Brush + Black Mesh Brush Material: Soft Silicone