Creamy Chicken w/ Cheese Cat Treat w/ Vitamin E, 2 oz (Chicken)

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Creamy Chicken w/ Cheese Cat Treat w/ Vitamin E, 2 oz (Chicken). These lickable treats for cats are made with real, deep sea tuna or farm-raised chicken! Churu Purees are high in moisture felines need for health. An award-winning lickable cat treat designed for interactive feeding by hand. A unique opportunity to spend quality time together! Simply tear open a tube and give it a little squeeze to feed these grain-free, preservative-free treats by hand. You can also pour them into a bowl or use as a tasty topper on wet or dry food. Insructions: Feed as a treat to your cat. Interact with your cat by holding the tube while they lick it or place in a bowl. Provide clean, fresh water daily. Cautions: Not meant to be fed as a meal. Do not let cat chew or swallow package material. Take extra care when hand feeding. Ingredients: Water, Tuna, Chicken, Tapioca, Natural Flavors, Guar Gum, Natural Tuna Flavor, Collagen, Vitamin E Supplement, Green Tea Extract.