“Classy” Full-Body Dog Suit (21L – Large)


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“Classy” Full-Body Dog Suit (21L – Large). Zippy Dynamics Classy full-body suit is a lightweight, water-resistant, and protective fashion statement for you and your dog. It features a classy red and black design made from only the highest quality materials. Without a warm inner lining, Classy is perfect for walks with your companion on warmer or cooler days. Like all Zippy Dynamics suits, it has a full body fit that is adjustable to your pup and protects them from rain, snow, dirt, and other seasonal and non-seasonal elements. This saves a significant amount of the time you spend bathing your dog, and all you have do is occasionally throw the suit into a gentle wash cycle and leave it out to dry. Short-Leg/Long-Leg: Full-body suits are designed for dogs with short-legs or long-legs (for example, sizes 14S and 14L). Recommended Seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, Mild Winter Owner’s Benefit: Spend less time cleaning your house and your dog after walks through dirty/wet/dusty environments.