Catry Cabana, 5 level, 57” Cat Tree, with Curved Perch, Condo and Paper Rope Scratch Posts (Beige and White)


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Catry Cabana, 5 level, 57” Cat Tree, with Curved Perch, Condo and Paper Rope Scratch Posts (Beige and White). Cats look for vertical territory when it comes to cat trees. The Cabana provides just that bringing a bit of the outdoors into the indoors. With multiple levels placed at different angles cats are able to easily climb up and down the cat tree. Cats are known to use their bodies to balance and reach high places, which is why the Cabana provides a good form of exercise for cats who prefer not to be to active. Also features multiple rest places with a condo in the middle and two curved perches, one on top and the other at the bottom. The curved perches allow your cat to rest more comfortably and secure as they hang their paws just over the edge. With Paper Rope scratch posts your cat can build a positive scratching habit as it scratches in an area that was especially designed for that purpose. As your cat engages more with its new tree it is guaranteed to stop going after your furniture. No more scratches and ruined furniture. The Cabanas neutral colors, compact dimensions, and modern design, allow it to easily be incorporated into any existing home dcor, youll be sure to love it too. FEATURES: QUALITY: We use only what is best for your kitten soft plush fabric, non-toxic/eco-friendly paper rope scratch posts, and carpet platforms. INSTALLATION: Simple and easy to install; all instructions, materials, and tools included. Paper Rope Scratching Post: By using paper rope instead of traditional sisal, we provide a scratching post that is more skin-and-paw-friendly. No more prick and allergy from sisal. 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: As a company, Petpals strives to provide only the best quality products and customer service, to ensure 100% customer satisfaction DIMENSIONS: 19.7×19.7X 56.7 The perfect size for your cat and home NOTICE: -For added security/stability firmly secure screws on to furniture, place against walls or corners. – Regularly inspect the product and re-tighten screws when and if necessary. -Supervise first-time use, not every activity is suited for every cat. Remove if not appropriate. -Indoor use only. Keep away from children, this is not a toy for children. -Manufacturers and retailers are not responsible for any damage caused by cat trees on floors, surfaces, or objects. -Clean with lint roller, brush, or small vacuum. Caution: Products consisting of Paper Rope, KEEP AWAY FROM WATER, will damage.