Cat Tree Apartment with Sisal Handrails and Plush Double Room (Brown)




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Cat Tree Apartment with Sisal Handrails and Plush Double Room (Brown). Bring this cat tree home and invite your adorable cats to this tower, youll find its a dreamy place for your feline to rest, play or eat. Constructed with high-quality plush fabric and CARB-certified board, the kitten tower furniture is surely very durable and stable. Strong scratching posts wrapped with natural sisal rope satisfy your cats hobby of climbing and sharpening nails. Fluffy balls are always felines favorite so that they will spend a lot of time on playing all those interactive dangling toys. Whether you have kittens, large cats or aged cats, this cat tree is a fantastic home for your furry pals. Higher quality, higher pursuit The multi-layered cat tree is composed of high-quality 0.5-inch particleboard and 400 grams of skin-friendly plush covering. The reinforced pillars are,wrapped with natural sisal rope. The cat can scratch and sharpen its claws. It will not damage,your cat’s claw furniture. 2 spacious secluded houses provide super soft and warm lying places,the columns with sisal ropes can help to develop active gripping habits, and 3 high-top platforms allow you to enjoy being in the world The feeling of being at the top, sitting down and looking at the multi-story tower outside the window meets the climbing nature of a kitten. Due to the exquisite design, the cat tree will look cute in your house. At the same,time, the bottom base is reinforced to ensure the stability of the entire cat tree, and includes,anti-tip accessories to ensure double safety.