Calista Perfecter Pro Grip Heated Round Brush with Bag (.75 inches – Curling Brushes)


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Calista Perfecter Pro Grip Heated Round Brush with Bag (.75 inches – Curling Brushes). Smooth hair while adding the look of volume, lift, wave, and curl with the Calista Perfecter Pro Grip or Pro Grip Plus. How To Use: Use on dry hair only. Hold the on/off button for about three seconds to turn it on. Choose heat setting from 325 to 395 degrees; the LCD will blink until your desired temperature is reached (approximately three minutes). If your hair is fine, sensitive, or over-processed, choose a lower temperature setting. Coarse, heavy hair that is resistant to curl will need a higher setting. Brush approximately 2″ sections from scalp to ends, two to three times. Use slow strokes to help smooth hair, and add more tension to straighten. For long hair, achieve spiral curls by starting at the root, holding device vertically, and rotating downward, very slowly spinning the hair through the brush for the softest natural-looking curl. For shorter styles, wrap section by section down to the scalp and hold for 10 seconds to add volume, smooth, and curl. Do not wind hair from ends more than two-and-a-half times around the brush. Features: Includes Calista Perfecter Pro Grip, thermal travel bag, and glide cleaning tool 1/2″ Pro Grip: very short hair 3/4″ Pro Grip Plus: chin-length hair 1″ Pro Grip Plus: shoulder-length hair 1-1/2″ Pro Grip Plus: below shoulder-length hair