Bird Cages Portable Travel Carrier for Parrots Lovebird Parakeet Bird (Bird Cages)




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Bird Cages Portable Travel Carrier for Parrots Lovebird Parakeet Bird (Bird Cages). Features: Easy to transport & 4 stands making it stable Double usage handle: wooden handle to lift & birds’ perch to rest Slice-out tray and mesh panel dealing with birds’ dropping ABS tray and painted iron mesh panel which is easy to clean Stainless steel button lock & premium steel ensure your pets’ security Ample inner equipment: solid wooden perch, adjustable rope, two stainless steel feeding bowls Feeding bowls can be used both inner cage and outer cage by cup door with lock Easily assembly & quality assurance Description: Portable birds carrier – an ideal solution for short term use, traveling, emergency, or even a birdcage used at home. 18.9″ cage offers enough room for various birds, like budgerigar, cockatiel, conure, monk parakeet, African grey, etc. The special birdcage offers two using scheme. A carrier cage and a bird opening amusement place. Unlock both bowel cups and entrance doors, and your lovebird can rest on the outer wooden lift stick. When they are starving, bend their head and enjoy their eating time using water and food bowl. When it comes to short term travel, lock your bird in the cage. The solid wooden handle is sturdy enough to lift the whole structure. Meanwhile, inner amusement equipment will not bore your bird: adjustable rope, as well as additional wooden perch, makes the inner cage more comfortable; feeding bowls can also meet your friend’s fundamental demands; bottom tray and mesh panel make it neat and easy to clean. Specification: Material: Iron + Spray Molding + Solid Wood Color: Black Overall Size: 18.9″ L X 15″ W X 23.6″ H Handle Lift Size: 6.1″ L X 18.9″ H Wire Spacing: 0.6″ Stand Inner Spacing: 18″ L 13.8″ W Stand Outer Spacing: 18.9″ L 15″ W Depth of Bowel: 2″ Net Weight: 14.1 lbs Package Includes: 1X Birdcage 1X After-sale Service Card