Barkworthies Elk Antler – Extra Large Split


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Barkworthies Elk Antler – Extra Large Split. Antlers are the best all-natural, long-lasting dog chew. Naturally shed antlers from roaming elk and deer are simply collected, thoroughly cleaned, and cut to a premium size. Antlers are a low-mess and odor-free chew, sized in accordance to the size of your dog. Ranging from medium strength to power strength, antlers are perfect for every dog. ELK Elk are twice as large as deer species translating to larger antler racks (in length and width) Though large in size, elk antler tends to have a thinner outer core surrounding the marrow in the center of the antler this makes elk antler an excellent choice for dogs who are considered mild to aggressive chewers SPLIT Split antlers are recommended for dogs that are considered mild to hard chewers Split antlers are a great starter antler because dogs learn to associate the antler with a tasty marrow center once a dog has had a split antler, they can graduate to a whole antler