As Seen on TV 15pc Set Bra Strap Clips For Back Conceal Bra Strap Holder Adds A Full Cup Size (Dove Grey – Multi)


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As Seen on TV 15pc Set Bra Strap Clips For Back Conceal Bra Strap Holder Adds A Full Cup Size (Dove Grey – Multi). Enhance your cleavage instantly! Bra Control Clips provides greater lift and support, reduces shoulder indentions and discomfort and eliminates falling bra straps. These bra strap concealer clips can convert your regular bra straps into racerback! To dramatically increase results of cleavage just use one of your favorite under wire bras. Then place the Bra Control Clip close to the nape of your neck. The higher the Bra Control Clip, the tighter the straps, the greater the results. Improves your posture, eliminates falling bra straps, lifts and supports sagging breasts, and stops bra straps from cutting into your shoulders! Deluxe set include 3 black, 3 white, 3 blue, 3 red, and 3 transparent. FEATURES: Eliminates Falling Bra Straps: Bra clips work with any bra style to conceal eliminate and conceal falling bra straps,adjusted the length. Increases Bust Size: Increase cup size, get a beautiful instant boost to your silhouette, comfortable and easy to use. Transforms Any Bra: Transform any bra into a miracle bra. Goes on in seconds without removing bra, improves fit adds up to full cup size. Discrete Comfortable: Perfect for dresses, blouses, sports tops and more. Discretely transform any bra easily and comfortably. Perfect for racer back dresses and shirts! Easily Adjusts: Easily adjusts to fit any height, and the clips will keep bra straps in place and well-hidden. Clips on to your bikini top for a fuller, sexier look. Provides additional lift and support to give the appearance of a fuller bust line. The ergonomic design relieves discomfort and keeps those pesky bra straps from digging into your shoulders.