Activated Charcoal Whitening Powder Large 4oz w/Charcoal Toothbrush




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Activated Charcoal Whitening Powder Large 4oz w/Charcoal Toothbrush. Achieving that sparkling smile has now become attainable for all- especially for the health conscious. No need to subject yourself to harsh dental whitening treatments, activated charcoal does the job for you. Plaque or coffee, tea, red wine and cigarette smoke stains are the bane of white healthy teeth. With a weekly treatment of Cosmetasa’s Activated Charcoal Whitening Powder , you will notice a considerable improvement in your teeth color. Activated Charcoal’s porous structure creates large surface area- this combined with its innate ability to draw out toxins allows it to bind with surface-staining substances or plaque. This cleansing action creates the ultimate whitening effect. Cosmetasa’s Activated Charcoal Whitening Powder’s unique blend of high quality ingredients include b entonite -which brings its own set of detoxifying ability and is also great for the teeth since it is naturally high in mineral content . O range seed oil has numerous anti-inflammatory and antiseptic qualities which makes it a perfect addition to any whitening treatment. This powder is also enriched with peppermint oil and spearmint oil. This product’s purifying and brightening strengths can also be utilized for any skin patch that needs lightening ex. Underarms, knees etc. Just go ahead and create a paste following the instructions on the bottle, apply regularly and voila- whiter and brighter looking skin! Charcoal Infused Toothbrush This soft-bristle, charcoal infused toothbrush is the perfect accompaniment to the charcoal teeth whitening powder. Gentle enough on teeth yet effective enough to apply the charcoal powder with ease. Warning: This product can easily stain grout and fabric. Allow content to settle, place jar on flat surface and open carefully. Protect counters, floors and clothing before using. If sensitivity occurs- stop use. No additives, colors, preservatives, artificial flavors, foaming agents or fluoride.