5 Levels Modern Cat Tree with 7 Sisal Scratching Posts and Deep Hammock (Grey)




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5 Levels Modern Cat Tree with 7 Sisal Scratching Posts and Deep Hammock (Grey). Based on traditional cat trees and newly developed and designed by our designer, this modern cat tree is aiming at providing you a stylish and practical cat furniture, which can satisfy both you and your cats needs and personality. High quality materials, extra attention to details, rational layout and especially the adjustable base to make this cat tree unique and fashionable. By changing the angle of the base, it can be a big square or be elongated to fit along a wall. Anyway, you can always find your favorite style of this cat tree as well as realize its value maximization. Better more, the base is very wide and stable so that the tree wouldnt wobble or shake at all when your cats climb on, run up/down, scratch or play on there. 7 scratching posts fully wrapped with natural sisal ropes are much thicker in diameter than most cat trees offer a very solid and durable scratching zone for cats to sharpen their nails. Feeling like tree bark, theyll be more willing to scratch on those pillars. Multi- level platforms provide plenty of room to wallow and play in every area: A spacious condo with a cozy mat inside, along with 2 doors create a private tent and hide out zone to allow your cats have a deep sleep or play a hide-and-seek game; the side hammock nest is larger than most and definitely large and stable enough for adult cats; A well-placed dangling ball increase more playtime for your curious cats. All the soft mats on the perches are removable and washable. Total 43 inches is a perfect size for small to x-large kitties. Your cats never feel boring on this stylish and highly functional cat tree. Higher quality, higher pursuit Multi-level platform with soft mat allows your cats to jump from the bottom to the top layer to overlook their whole kingdom. Roomy condo and large hammock offer luxurious napping experience Spacious perches on different heights are also great spots for stretching and lounging All scratching posts covered with natural sisal are excellent for your cats to sharpen and protect their nails Constructed by CARB-certified natural particle boards with 7 strong thick sisal posts to ensure the maximum stability .