35″ Mess Resistant Chew Proof Cage (Blue & Black)


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35″ Mess Resistant Chew Proof Cage (Blue & Black). The Ware 35″ Mess Resistant Chew Proof Cage is perfect for containing critter messes and discouraging aggressive chewing habits. The wire frame sits inside an extra deep pan that helps catch any messes that would otherwise end up on your furniture or the floor of your home. The wire being set inside of the base also helps prevent critters from chewing the sides of the pan. Unlike plastic, the metal components are durable and can withstand critter chewing. The one piece wire design offers easy assembly and easy cleaning, no tools required. Simply unsnap the base from the wire and wipe pan clean. Cage includes: – 16oz water bottle – 6oz food bowl – Top handles for easy carrying – Locking door – 3 metal shelves – 3 metal ramps 1/2″ bar spacing Overall dimensions: 35″L x 17.25″W x 21.5″H Living dimensions (inside wire to wire): 29.75″L x 12″W x 21.25″H Please note that the cage wire sits inside the plastic pan to prevent chewing so the overall dimensions will be larger than the actual living dimensions. Pet: Chinchilla, Ferret, Adult Rat (not suitable for young rats), Syrian Hamster, Gerbil Color: Blue, Black